Saturday, November 18, 2006


Each day, millions of illegal immigrants brave the elements and endure hunger and suffering at the hands of human traffickers in their endeavour move to other countries. Many have even drowned in the sea in this attempt. The international community's seeming inability to find a durable solution only serves to increase these kinds of tragedies.

Don Quichotte (a bi-lingual Turko-German cartoon magazine whose goals are to establish a connection between Turkish and world cartooning, explore global topics from a different point of view and to mount informative cartoon exhibitions) is holding an international cartoon competition in hopes of contributing towards the identification of a lasting solution to the problem.

The goals of this competition are to identify the reasons for immigration and analyse the problems of the immigrants on the basis of two questions:

1) Why do people decide to leave their country and settle in another?
2) Why do countries treat immigrants differently from their own citizens?

1) Participation in the competition is possible only via Internet. Please send your cartoons to or
2) Only works that have not been previously published or entered into other competitions will be accepted.
3) Submitted cartoons are to be A3-Size, 300 dpi resolution and in JPEG format. They may be either black-and-white or colored.
4) The submitted cartoonswill be first published the web pages of the -Don Quichotte- under the column (today/Bugün).
5) The closing date of the competition is 28 February 2007.
6)The jury, drawn from artists living in Germany, writers, politicians and journalists (both immigrants and Germans) will evaluate the works between 10th and 15th March, 2007. Results will be published on 31 March 2007.
7) The award of the prize will take place during the opening of the exhibition in April in Esslingen (the precise venue and date will be communicated at a later time).

- First Prize: € 1,000, 00
- Second Prize: € 750,00
- Third Prize: € 500,00
- Special Prizes (given by German institutions and federations active in this area)

- Marlene Pohle (President general of FECO, cartoonist in Stuttgart)
- Valeri Kurtu (Cartoonist, Berlin)
- Derek Easterby (Cartoonist- Nürnberg)
- Steffen Jahsnowski Herschel(Cartoonist- Berlin)
- Selma Aykan Emiroğlu (Cartoonist, Soprano Munich)
- Muhsin Omurca (Cabaretist, Cartoonist Ulm)
- Erdoğan Karayel (Cartoonist DQ Publisher Stuttgart)
- Hayati Boyacioglu (Cartoonist, Journalist- Berlin) ´
- Ismail Çoban (Painter-Wuppertal)
- Mahmut Celayir (Painter-Stuttgart)
- Sinasi Dikmen (Author Cabaretist Frankfurt)
- Mehmet Ünal (Photography artist- Mannheim)
- Gürsel Köksal (journalist, ATGB chairman Frankfurt)
- Ozan Ceyhun (Politician SPD-Berlin)