Friday, August 18, 2006

Haki ya Kalamu Cartoon Competition

In June, KATUNI, with the aid of the Ford Foundation and the Standard, ran a six week cartoon competition for amateur cartoonists in Kenya. Entries were requested in either of 3 categories: Caricature, Political cartoon and Cartoon Strip. Each week the best cartoonists, as judged by an expert panel, received a gift pack and had their works published in the Standard. The overall best cartoonist was Michael Munene who won a six-month cartooning contract with the Standard.
These are the winners for week 1 as published in the Standard.

Caricature: "Congestina Achieng" by Omondi Alphonse Oketch

Political Cartoon: "Untiled" by Omondi Alphonse Oketch

Cartoon strip: "Lili" by Michael Munene

Special Mention: Caricature: "Lucy Kibaki" by Michel Munene


Kennedy Kaburu (Kenny) said...

Hi Fellow kenyan and International cartoonists!
First and foremost, I personally thank Mr patrick Gathara for bringing Kenyan cartoonists together again. Through his efforts and those of other very commited officials of KATUNI(Association of East African Cartoonists)our cartoonists have always found a unique voice to vent thier concerns, away from the ussual newspaper commentaries. Because in our satires we are supposed to be broad and cover issues of a wider concern...Issues that affects our whole community, and not whinning on our personal career grievances. The Haki ya Kalamu initiative was commendable. We recognised upcoming and unpublished cartoonists whose talents were unquestionable. It is important for interested artists to note that our Kenya's Top artists(read Gado, Kham, Maddo, Gathara,etc)are always available on mondays to meet and assists upcoming artists.Kudos KATUNI and Gathara for that very noble venture.
Am very proud to be associated with you!

Kennedy Kaburu (KENNY)
Caricature Artist/Cartoonist,
The Kenyan spectator Weekly

Kennedy Kaburu (Kenny) said...

Karua Unfair
I take note of recent postings on kenyatoons bloggs on martha Karua's threat to muzzle cartoonists. As the Minister for Justice and constitutional affairs, hon Karua should be seen to support minority groupings in the society. Cartoonists are mere mirrors.. Karua should NOT break the mirror if her face is ugly!
As Gado has always offered, Cartoonists have copyrights to their respective artworks, But usually have no copyrights to the artworks interpretation. Martha just like any other Kenyan has her right to make her own interpretations. If she happen to notice herself as the character ridiculed, thats her interpretation . She should therefore not drag cartoonists and the busy judicial system to the idleness of her myopic interpretations of Art and Law.
Freedom of expression is the way to go here, and if she likes it she can as well draw GADO as the monster that haunts her and send the cartoon to the newspapers...Editors cant ignore her opinion, And Gado cant probably sue her!!